Impact Foundation

The Impact Foundation was a product of meetings held during 2009, as a community of Lennox Dealers and Lennox Team members we wanted to give back to the communities that we serve.  We, a sub-group of the Dealer Advisory Committee, discussed many different ideas and concepts, but the theme that was consistent was, we wanted to impact our communities that supported us throughout the years.   The Impact Foundation was formed.

Times were challenging and many community members were struggling economically as a result of a stagnant economy.    We also wanted to thank and help our active duty and retired military personnel.   But we wanted to be able to thank other community volunteers, leaders and providers of safety and education.   We came up with the Heat UP Wisconsin program (“HUW”). 

We wanted to give back to the HVAC community with some type of education/scholarship programs, that would help the HVAC flourish into the future, even then we were concerned of a shrinking work force.  We wanted to get the story out of the opportunities in this “noble service profession.”   We needed funds and support from Lennox and our Lennox Dealers to make granting these Scholarships a reality.

Fundraising has been going on behind the scene, led by the Women In Lennox Leadership Committee (“WILL”) during the last couple of years.  Enough money has been raised to start a scholarship program.  We are proud and excited to announce that we will be offering five $1,000 Impact Foundation Scholarships this year. If you are interested in applying or getting more information about the Impact Foundation Scholarships, please click here.